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Date: July 2001

Destination: Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Sam and his colleague Denise Joines paid a visit to the Wilburforce Foundation's office in Bozeman, Montana. Wilburforce has two staff in Bozeman, Gary Tabor and Jennifer Miller Goethals.

Gary and Jennifer treated us to a tour of the Yellowstone area, known as the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. We ventured through both Montana and Wyoming on our three day trip.

The first day included an invitation to join a dinner at Ted Turner's Flying D Ranch, which includes over 100,000 acres of wild country. We drove for 20 minutes in one direction on a dirt road in order to reach the middle of the property. There we saw a herd of over 2,000 head of bison, which Turner grazes. He's attempting to kickstart the Bison meat market. (Unfortunately, we were without camera during this part of the trip.)

We then headed to the east entrance of Yellowstone, stopping along the way for a day hike. That night and the next morning, we were treated to wolf and grizzly bear sitings inside the park courtesy of wonderful weather and a power spotting scope.